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Guideline of Prevention of Falls in Older Persons

Summary of Recommendations


  1. All older individuals should be asked whether they have fallen (in the past year).
  2. An older person who reports a fall should be asked about the frequency and circumstances of the fall(s).
  3. Older individuals should be asked if they experience difficulties with walking or balance.
  4. Older persons who present for medical attention because of a fall, report recurrent falls in the past year, or report difficulties in walking or balance (with or without activity curtailment) should have a multifactorial fall risk assessment.
  5. Older persons presenting with a single fall should be evaluated for gait and balance.
  6. Older persons who have fallen should have an assessment of gait and balance using one of the available evaluations.
  7. Older persons who cannot perform or perform poorly on a standardized gait and balance test should be given a multifactorial fall risk assessment.

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